Science and Art of Mindfulness for Modern Professionals


A human-centered approach to embed meaningful change and build healthy habits

Our Services


Holistic Organizational Change

We take the time to understand the culture and structure of your organisation, how it operates, your processes, and the external factors that could be affecting performance.

As consultants, we challenge the norm and ask questions that perhaps others find difficult to ask from within.

We provide advice on how your organisation can be more effective. Informing our advice is both a clear understanding of sustainable solutions, and the limited resources available to implement change.

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Workshops and Experiences

We create real engagement. We work with you to help genuinely engage with and listen to your communities and stakeholders at the right time and in the right way.

We help our clients start conversations, build shared understanding and foster lasting relationships.


1:1 Personalized Coaching

Private meditation sessions to enrich your practice, support you in deepening your practice, taking you further than you may be able to go on your own.

I get to know you and your practice and help guide you, and we work towards goals in life, with meditation as a support.

Decades of prioritising profit has left us valuing wealth, social status and conformity – the very things that impede change. The world needs more purpose-driven businesses and values-led leaders to step up, innovate and drive change.
— Nikki Wright, Mezzanine