Science and Art of Mindfulness for Modern Professionals


I help professionals thrive by weaving Mindfulness into the fabric of organisations, using a sustainable change lens.


Our Values

We work with our heads and our hearts for positive impact in the world, guided by fundamental values of serving people, planet AND profit in holistically beneficial ways.

We believe in the power of organizations, large and small, to change the world for good by evaluating ways they can profit in ways that also support the community and ecosystem. 

We shift the conversation by applying our 360 perspective, from decades of experience working with large corporations through to early-stage startups.

The Team

The team is inspired by a common mission to drive positive impact at the organizational level, leveraging what they have seen work across industries, cultures and geographies, and tapping the rich networks and relationships they have built in reputable organizations over the years.

Natasha Fong

Natasha has worked across government, healthcare, travel and wellness industries including international diplomatic assignments with Austrade (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade), PwC, Airbnb, spanning Australia, China and USA. She is a change agent passionate about changing the fabric of work to bring back meaning and purpose for individuals within the workplace. Throughout her diverse experience across industries, cultures and geographies, her common thread is activating people and teams to contribute true value in the workplace.




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